Associated Dog Clubs of New York State (ADCNYS) spearheading effort to challenge the legality of the recently passed USDA/APHIS Rule

Because of years of experience in fighting bad legislation instigated by animal rights (AR) groups such as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), many do not feel comfortable with a "wait and see" strategy regarding APHIS intent to implement this rule. This rule basically redefines anyone that harbors 4 or more "intact" females (all species included) as a "pet store" that must be licensed and subjected to USDA regulations, fees and fines.

It is felt that a "legal" opposition to this Rule is the best strategy for all clubs, organizations, businesses and individual breeders/owners at this point. The fact that improper PROCEDURE was followed by APHIS to pass this rule has the best chance of stopping its implementation by legal injunction.

ADCNYS has pledged the first $1000 toward the effort to be named as plaintiff in the filing of a federal injunction against the recently-passed APHIS rule. Other clubs, organizations, and individual breeders are following suit.

NOTE: Organizations only will be named as plaintiffs, and are urged to pledge both name and monetary support; while donations from individuals are badly needed as well, their donations can be earmarked either in the name of a club or organization, or to a general injunction fund. Should the required $10K for filing not be met by Nov 14, 2013, each donor will receive a refund of their money, minus attorney's out of pocket fee (receipts substantiated), if necessary.

NOTE: Legal fees by lead attorney are pro-bono; retainer is for DC attorney that will file the suit.

To get all the information about APHIS, Legal Arguments, forms to your organization to become a plaintiff in the injunction, plus a way to donate to fund this effort.  Please, go to the following website established just for this purpose, click on this link to get there:




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