You might feel like you are stuck in a dead end. Have no fear as many people have been in this exact same position. You just need a bit more money, yet your job is not cutting it anymore. This is no reason to start turning to payday loans to survive. With just a bit of work you can avoid the payday loan cycle with a better paying job.

Get Educated

Continuing your education is one of the best ways to increase your marketability. Maybe you only have a high school diploma. Shooting for an associates degree will make you that much more marketable. These are trying times for everyone, so every little bit you do helps.

Maybe schooling is not for you. Maybe you have reached the end of what you can achieve in a school setting. You can continue to grow your education by participating in workshops in your field. Maybe taking an apprenticeship in a related field is more your style. The key here is to continue growing your education in some form or another.

Get Certified

Certifications are another great way to show future employers your skill set. Certifications are particularly important in trade skills. You will be amazed at how many certifications are available.

Everyone from IT professionals, auto mechanics, doctors, and even lawn care experts can attain some sort of certification. Even better is that certifications are shown to boost marketability and pay. Studying might suck worse than the oppressive heat outside, but the $10,000 pay increase will surely be worth your time in the books.

Get Skilled

If you have reached your wits end with your current job, it might be a prime time to expand your existing skill set. If you work in a large company this might be as easy as asking for some side projects to challenge you to learn something new.

Tradeskillers can easily pick up something new. Just because you are a mason does not mean you can’t learn a little something about lawn care. You never know where these extra skills will take you in the future.

Learn to Interview Well

Interviewing can be nerve racking. You have to put your best foot forward and market yourself to strangers. You are competing with one, two, twenty other people for the same job. You want to practice interviewing well before you head off for your interview. The more prepared you are, the better you will be in handling the barrage of questions headed your way.


The easiest way to a better job is through networking. How many people do you know that got better jobs because they new a friend of a friend. Networking takes no extra skills or books. Just get out and talk to people.

If you work in an office, talk with other folks in the office. Talk with the vendors at your disposal. Heck, talk to the trash guy if you want. The fact of the matter is you never know where a potential new job might come from. Stranger things have happened than getting a job by talking to a stewardess on a plane.

These are but little tips to get you started. Remember, a bit of work now can keep you out of the payday loan office. You might even get a job you had no idea you could do.